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What the hell is this?

Behind every decision-making is a motivation. Whether rational or not, that motivation is at the core of the reasons we use to justify our behaviours, our needs, our opinions, etc. The long-term success of a company depends on its ability to develop and maintain these motivations.

Basically, cultivating motivation is my way of seeing things. It's the behaviour to adopt in order to build a powerful brand*. That's why I use this approach to help my clients evolve.

*Branding by definition is a reputation. It's the perceptions we have towards a brand and all the characteristics we attribute to it. The responsibility of a brand is to shape as much as possible its condition to help model this reputation, in a way that is positive and meeting its needs.

My motivation

I wanna help you kick ass.

They see me scrollin

That’s me

Jonathan Morin

Designer and stuff


We’re gonna work together
to accomplish what you truly
need. That’s it.

My beliefs

No. 1


Nothing worth having comes easy—it’s just common sense if you ask me.

No. 2

Added value

No matter the context, we’re always looking for added value. We strive to be part of situations in which we can gain a lot and enrich our lives.

No. 3


Branding is an extremely powerful concept. Brands that have long-term success understand its importance and how to utilize it.

No. 4


Our subconscious influences us constantly. A carefully programmed mindset can make all the difference in the world.

No. 5


Progress is able to take place through collaboration. That’s why I especially like working with ambitious and passionate people.

No. 6


Do I really need to explain this one?