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What the hell is this?

Behind every decision-making is a motivation. Whether rational or not, that motivation is at the core of the reasons we use to justify our behaviours, our needs, our opinions, etc. The long-term success of a company depends on its ability to develop and maintain these motivations.

Basically, cultivating motivation is my way of seeing things. It's the behaviour to adopt in order to build a powerful brand*. That's why I use this approach to help my clients evolve.

*Branding by definition is a reputation. It's the perceptions we have towards a brand and all the characteristics we attribute to it. The responsibility of a brand is to shape as much as possible its condition to help model this reputation, in a way that is positive and meeting its needs.

Strategic brand development

The process is used to create an authentic and distinctive identity to build tangible and lasting relationships with your customers.

Let’s get to the bottom of this

My working method

Visual identity

My process to develop a visual identity has 7 stages.
For websites and other types of projects, the process can vary, but is fundamentally based on the same method.

No. 1

Diagnosis and Prescription

Before doing anything, it’s essential to truly understand your needs. That’s why we’ll take all the time we need to ask lots of good questions. With our respective knowledge put together, we’ll be able to define what is in your best interest going forward.

No. 2


Here is where we clarify our goals, the project schedule, the manner in which the entire process will develop and finally, the budget and payment methods.

No. 3

Introspection and Philosophy

The most significant part honestly is understanding what drives you to do what you do and defining what differentiates you from the competition. We’ll try to push the limits of your entrepreneurial / marketing knowledge for you to take a step back and analyze situations in a different light.

No. 4

Research and Analysis

Being aware of your environment is essential for establishing effective strategic positioning. We’ll observe and analyze all factors and then design a custom plan of action that meets your needs.

No. 5

Visual Exploration

We can now visit the different possibilities available to you in terms of look and feel. I'll present to you a selection of styles that have the potential of being a good fit for you. I will then elaborate on your choice and design different possible directions.

No. 6


I draw up a clear and concise picture of the visual identity for the predetermined vision to take shape.

No. 7


The only thing that´s left to do is introducing your new identity. Using it in a consistent way at every touchpoint to ensure the strength of the brand and its message.